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Prior to my career as a Clinical Psychologist, I trained and worked for several years as an actor. How mental health is portrayed in the arts and media matters; it's important that the writing, character development and storylines are realistic and reflect reality. The media has a huge impact on what people understand and believe, and I feel strongly that the media has a duty of care to ensure mental health is portrayed realistically on stage and screen. If you are interested in discussing storylines, character development or simply interested in discussing mental health in the media, please do get in touch.  I am also happy to read scripts, speak to writers, actors and directors in any area relating to mental health and media.

I am also passionate about the arts being open to all and particularly the need to increase the opportunities and presence of disabled people in the arts and media. If you are interested in discussing this further, or feel your organisation requires training in order to provide better opportunities for disabled people, please do get in touch. I work alongside TripleC, a gateway organisation for disabled people's access to the arts and media. You can learn more about TripleC here.

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