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Training: About Me


I have extensive experience delivering both online and in person teaching and training. 

So what do  you need?  Perhaps the best thing to do is drop me an email and tell me

what you're after and we can take it from there. 

Bespoke training can be delivered as half a day or one day workshops or longer

training packages depending on your needs. To date I have delivered training

to school/university counsellors, nurses, clinical psychologists and trainees,

assistant psychologists, actors and directors and can offer training and workshops

on a variety of subjects:

What is an eating disorder and how can we help?

Looking after you, not what you do; looking after your mental health

Cognitive Analytic therapy and Eating Disorders

Working with Anorexia in therapy

Working with Bulimia in therapy

Working with Binge Eating Disorder in therapy

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